Experienced Operator

Welder Exploration and Production, Inc. has been operating wells since 1997 when Raymond Welder founded the company. In that time frame, Welder has engaged in joint ventures with large and small companies alike. Welder's non- operating working interest owners have included industry participants such as: Devon, Dominion, Nabors Industries, The Nordan Trust, H.B. Zachry Exploration


Disciplined Management

Welder strives to attract and employ creative and talented individuals whose special skills can be utilized for the continued growth of the company. For this reason, Welder employs a highly experienced and fully integrated staff trained to meet the dynamic challenges of our industry on a daily basis.


Geographically Focused

Welder's operations are centered primarily in the Southern and Gulf Coast regions of Texas. Welder has proven that maintaining a fully integrated operation ensures efficient and successful results.


Long-term Presence

Welder's compact geographic focus allows Welder strong relationships with an established network of surface and mineral owners. Additionally, Welder's strategically located Field Office allows Welder to maintain a ground-level business approach, eliminates multiple layers of intermediaries and enhances a growing list of industry-wide contacts.


Track Record Of Success

Since 1998 Welder has participated in or drilled roughly 375Â wells, with an 85% success rate, including wildcats. Welder has completed over 96% of its newly drilled wells within legacy fields, and has increased the combined oil and gas production from these fields by a factor of 8.

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